About Reclaimed Wood Products

Reclaimed Wood Products has been fully incorporated into E & K Vintage Wood in operations and personnel. We have our showroom on the Westside of Los Angeles, between Venice and Culver City. We carry fine quality reclaimed wood from local sources and throughout the US, as well as our line of reclaimed vintage wood flooring. In addition, E & K Vintage Wood carries select beams, barnboard, slabs, and furniture.

Reclaimed Wood Products’ principals have been working with reclaimed wood products for many years—not only because reclaimed wood is good for the environment, but also because it features irreplacable character. Billions of board feet of wood goes into our land fills every year… not only is this a tragic waste of resources, but much of this wood is rare, old growth material, often hundreds of years old, with a character that simply cannot be matched by newer material.

Have you ever stopped to think what happened to all that high quality wood, our “Forgotten Forests?” Much of that material still surrounds us today in our homes, apartments and offices, but that’s not the end of the story… Today, many structures, built with lumber produced by these virgin forests, are being demolished to make way for new construction, with the old lumber ending up in our landfills.

Reclaimed Wood Products specializes in recovering the highest quality timber from those old growth forests and preventing it from entering the waste stream. Reclaimed Wood Products sources wood throughout the US with a primary focus on the West Coast, working mainly on urban projects that we can deconstruct. We find old growth timber buildings, barns, pickle vats, wine tanks, etc., that are slated to go to the landfill. We carefully deconstruct them by hand, sort the wood by size and species, and individually denail each board.

Our painstaking efforts produce a wood that is unparalleled; in fact, much of our lumber is of such superior quality to that produced in today’s managed forests, that the categories once used to grade it are no longer needed. If that weren’t enough, due to the aging process, our lumber is stabler than its counterpart produced by kiln drying. Over hundreds of years, this exceptional material has developed rich patinas, ranging from deep honeys to chocolate browns, that cannot be reproduced at any cost. Featuring such original character marks as vintage nail holes, our unique product will bring singular warmth and beauty into any environment where it is used.

By using Reclaimed Wood Products, you also become a voluntary participant in ecologically sound environmental protection practices that will save natural resources from our past and present forests, preventing landfills from being clogged and timber from being logged. You’ll also be rewarding yourself with a gift of unmatched quality that has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so for generations to come.