Reclaimed Wood Products is now part of E & K Vintage Wood
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Reclaimed Wood Products is in the business of providing quality reclaimed wood to our customers. We carry a large inventory of locally sourced Douglas Fir, as well as an extensive selection of reclaimed woods sourced throughout the United States, including: Maple, Redwood, Oak, Cedar, Beech, Elm, Walnut, Chestnut, and many others…

The majority of the reclaimed wood we offer is in the form of large dimensional timbers, standard lumber, and flooring. We sell large quantities of reclaimed lumber and reclaimed flooring throughout the US, and Internationally, on a wholesale basis, as well as selling lumber and flooring locally. We maintain a sizable warehouse inventory of reclaimed lumber to meet immediate project needs, with the ability to quickly supply up to a million board feet for larger projects.

We provide reclaimed lumber for a broad range of customers and construction projects, from green hotels to residential remodels, sustainable LEED builders to wholesale lumber dealers. We consult with our clients on the best use of reclaimed wood, not only as a sustainable building material, but also as high quality lumber for unique design applications. We are interested in furthering the use of reclaimed wood as a sustainable building material, and enjoy finding new and innovative uses for this unique material.

We obtain our wood through various sources, including urban and rural deconstruction of historic structures. Reclaimed Wood Products carries out the fine hand deconstruction, or works in close conjunction with the deconstruction company. The material is then taken to our Lumberyard, where it is sorted, graded, denailed, and, in some cases, milled into a finished product. We also mill “fallen dead” trees into stunning, sustainably harvested slabs and flooring.

Reclaimed wood is superior to newly milled wood in many ways, featuring unique grain structure and the patina of age. Almost all reclaimed wood on the market today is fast-growth woods. In contrast, most of our reclaimed boards were originally milled from old-growth trees by early settlers, lending the wood tighter grain, greater density, and superior hardness.

We think of all of our clients as friends and partners in the effort to save this vintage material from the landfill. We take pride in not only providing you with beautiful products, but in standing by you with quality customer service at all times as well.